How Much Is a Liverpool Season Ticket?

If you want to watch your favourite football team every single week, to have the chance to cheer on your heroes at every home game, then a season ticket is a must. Season tickets secure you seats to every home league fixture, if you can get your hands on them, but they do cost a lot! That said, the cost-per-game is far lower than buying tickets on a one-off basis, so they are great value for the hardcore supporter.

For Liverpool fans, full-price season tickets range from around £700 to nearly £900, and we will provide a more in-depth breakdown of prices in this article. Furthermore, given that Liverpool are a hugely successful team with a vast fanbase, we will also take a look at how easy it is to get your hands on the club’s highly coveted season tickets, and whether there is a waiting list to get them.

How Much Do Liverpool Season Tickets Cost?

Below we have compiled a table to highlight how much Liverpool season tickets cost (for the 2023/24 season), and how this price varies depending on where in Anfield Stadium your seats will be located. It is worth noting that we have only chosen to include the prices for adult and junior tickets, despite tickets also being cheaper than full price for disabled people, over 65s and young adults.

Stand Adult Price Junior Price
Main Stand £886 £165
Sir Kenny Dalglish/Main Stand £876 £165
Sir Kenny Dalglish/Main Stand (Tier 2) £851 £165
Anfield Road/Sir Kenny Dalglish/Main Stand £851 £165
Anfield Road £801 £165
Anfield Road/Main Stand £780 £165
Anfield Road/Kop £750 £165
Kop £745 £165
Kop (Tier 2) £740 £165
Kop (Tier 3) £699 £165
Anfield Road (Tier 2) N/A N/A
Main Stand Upper N/A N/A

As we can see, the third tier of the infamous Kop is easily the most affordable option for season ticket holders, as it is nearly £200 cheaper than the Main Stand. It is also interesting to note that season tickets are not available in both the second tier of the Anfield Road and the upper tier of the Main Stand, as these generally have the cheapest tickets on match day. Indeed, full price tickets in the Main Stand Upper start from just £9, with a limited number available at that incredible price to local supporters!

Finally, it is a good move from the club that junior tickets do not vary in price based on their location, as it makes supporting Liverpool more accessible for youngsters, and allows more families to attend matches. It is also simpler, and in general Liverpool’s pricing structure has far less variation than may other Premier League sides, where there can be a huge difference between the cheapest and most expensive season tickets on offer.

Is There a Season Ticket Waiting List?

Waiting list graphic

The short answer here is yes, but it’s complicated. The Reds first introduced a season ticket waiting list back in 2011, which around 70,000 fans signed up for. However, since this first window in which supporters were able to join, the waiting list has remained shut, meaning that no new season ticket holder hopefuls have been able to get a spot in the queue for over a decade now!

Since 2011, fans on the waiting list have slowly been able to purchase season tickets, but at a snail-like pace, as the Reds’ top form in this period has meant that few are willing to give up their hugely valuable tickets. Given that some fans have been on the waiting list for more than a decade, it seems highly unlikely that the list will be reopened, bar either a mass exodus of Liverpool supporters, or a vast stadium expansion.

Expanding Anfield is, however, a top priority for Liverpool’s current owners, Fenway Sports Group. The Anfield Road Stand expansion will be completed in 2023, and will increase the iconic ground’s capacity to just over 61,000. This expansion will provide space for a further 1,000 season tickets, which will of course be offered to the top 1,000 on the waiting list. All in all, however, it is very, very difficult, or even effectively impossible, to get your hands on Liverpool season tickets. This is because, even if you had managed to get onto the initial waiting list back in 2011, you still would have needed to have been one of the very first to confirm your interest to have a chance of acquiring a season ticket now.

What Is the Best Alternative to a Season Ticket?

LFC Membership screenshot

As we have highlighted in this article, whilst getting a Liverpool season ticket remains the only sure-fire way of watching the Reds at every home fixture, they are pretty much impossible to get your hands on! Supporters of the Merseyside giants must therefore seek alternative options to get tickets, with the most effective of these perhaps being club membership, which provides a chance to get your hands on any of the at least 13,000 tickets that are released for each home game, and are sold in bulk twice a year in the Members’ Ticket Sales.

As tickets for Liverpool games very rarely go to general sale, due to the club’s enormous supporter base, membership at least gives fans a chance of watching their team. A range of different packages are available, from adults to kids to international fans, all of which come with a variety of benefits.

Full adult membership costs just £36.99 for the season, which also means it is a more affordable option than being a season ticket holder – though, of course, you then have to buy tickets on top, although you are not committing to every single match. The truth is that Liverpool season tickets are like gold dust, but for many, club membership is a solid alternative. Remember to keep your eyes on that waiting list, you never know, you might be able to join by 2040 and watch James Milner play his 2,000th Premier League game for someone or other!