How Much Are Liverpool Tickets & How Do You Get Them?

Liverpool FC are one of the best-supported clubs in world football, with Anfield Stadium, normally referred to as just Anfield, packed with adoring fans belting out “You’ll Never Walk Alone” every match day. The club have also amassed an enormous global fanbase, boasting nearly 43 million followers on Instagram, and match tickets are therefore hard to come by.

Due to the high demand for tickets, the club have introduced a membership scheme, which we will explain later in this article. This scheme is perhaps the easiest way for non-season ticket holders to watch the Reds live, though in truth, the only sure fire way to get a ticket is to become a season ticket holder. We will also round up how much match tickets generally cost, and how this price varies depending on where you are sat, or which type of game you are attending.

What Is Liverpool Membership?

LFC Membership screenshot

Liverpool membership is a scheme designed not just to give supporters a better chance of securing match tickets, but, as the website states, to grant them “the ultimate experience to keep up with the Reds in the upcoming season.” This membership currently costs £36.99 per campaign for adults, and £20.99 for LFC fans under the age of 18, and comes with a variety of different benefits, which we will explain below.

Ticket Access

The main benefit, of course, is better access to tickets. Collectively, members are allocated a minimum of 13,000 tickets for every Premier League home game, giving them far more of a chance of seeing their beloved club live than simply waiting for them to go on general sale (which rarely happens).

These tickets can be purchased during the two “Members’ Tickets Sales”, which occur in July and November, and allow members to bulk-buy tickets for as many games as they can! Furthermore, if you are a member who lives in the local area, you are granted additional access to tickets through the “Local Members Sales”, as long as you have an “L” postcode, and these generally occur four weeks prior to match day.

Season Ticket Holders

It is worth noting, however, that membership in no way guarantees tickets, as the increase in popularity of the membership scheme means that more and more fans are attempting to get the same number of tickets to every match. In truth, the only sure-fire method of securing Liverpool tickets is being a season ticket holder, which is far more of a financial commitment than membership, costing anywhere between £710 and £850 for the season. And, that’s if you can get off the waiting list…

Liverpool Swag

The other benefits of membership include receiving a welcome pack of Liverpool-themed goodies, which includes a Liverpool scarf, wash bag and pin badge. For younger members, the welcome pack instead includes a boot bag, door sticker and squishy football, perfect for any up-and-coming Mo Salahs out there! Members also receive a handy 10% discount from the club shop, and are given the chance to attend exclusive member-only experiences.

Auto Cup Ticket Scheme

Liverpool members can also join the Auto Cup Ticket Scheme, if they happen to qualify for it. This scheme allows those who are eligible guaranteed tickets to home matches in both domestic and European cup competitions, with seats automatically allocated to you. To qualify for the upcoming 2023/24 campaign, for example, fans would have to have attended Champions League fixtures against Ajax, Rangers, Napoli and Real Madrid, making it quite a tricky scheme to take part in!

How Do You Get Liverpool Away Tickets?

If you thought home tickets to watch the Reds were tricky to come by, away tickets are nigh on impossible to acquire for all but the most seasoned of Liverpool followers. This is because, similar to the Auto Cup scheme, fans will have to have attended a specific number of away matches to be eligible for tickets, a system that is very tough to break into, as away tickets are usually snapped up rapidly by long-time fans.

How Much Do Match Tickets Cost?

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Below, we have created a table to show how much tickets cost for Liverpool home games, and how this varies based on where in the ground your seat is located. We have chosen just to compare full price adult tickets and junior tickets, although it is worth mentioning that both over 65s and young adults also have discounted prices.

Stand Adult Price Junior Price
Main Stand £60 £9
Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand/Main Stand £58 £9
Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand/Main Stand £56 £9
Anfield Road/Sir Kenny Dalglish/Main Stand (tier 2) £54 £9
Anfield Road £49 £9
Anfield Road/Main Stand £47 £9
Anfield Road/Kop £44 £9
Kop £43 £9
Kop (tier 2) £40 £9
Kop (tier 3) £38 £9
Anfield Road £30 N/A
Main Stand Upper £9 £9

As you can see, prices can vary significantly depending on where you are sat, with Anfield Road stand tickets costing half of what it would cost you to sit in the Main Stand. It is also good that the Merseyside club keep children’s prices both very affordable and also consistent. This means that wherever you might be sitting, you can bring your kids along for not much extra, making the ground very accessible for families.

How Much Do Tickets for Other Games Cost?

We have rounded up how much tickets for Premier League fixtures at Anfield cost, but how much do tickets to other types of matches cost? Below, we will round up how the price of Liverpool tickets fluctuates for away games, as well as European and domestic cup matches.

Away Matches

Although (as of June 2023), the club website does not include a price list for away tickets, they generally cost between £30 and £60. Prices vary depending on the team they are playing and are set by the other club, rather than Liverpool.

European Games

Whilst the website also does not mention the exact cost of tickets for Champions League or Europa League matches, we can gauge how much these might set fans back based on the price list for the 2022 Champions League Final, in which the Reds took on Real Madrid. These tickets were split into four price categories, ranging from £50 for category four seats to a whopping £578 for category one seats, showing once again that location within the ground is the most important factor in determining ticket prices.

However, for the UCL final, there were no discounts for older and younger fans, meaning that all spectators had to buy full-price tickets, making it far less accessible than Premier League matches. Of course, there is a big difference between the Champions League final. Where prices are set by UEFA, and European games played at Anfield.

In recent times, the Reds have competed in the Champions League and match tickets for these games tend to be more or less in line with those for the Premier League. However, in the 2023/24 season the club will play in the second-tier Europa League. They are yet to announce the pricing structure for this competition but it seems likely that tickets will be cheaper than previous UCL ones. In addition, especially for any less glamorous ties, they may offer discounted options.

Domestic Cup Matches

As a general rule, cup match tickets are cheaper than Premier League tickets. For the FA Cup, seats in the Main Stand, the most expensive part of the ground, cost just £38, compared to the £60 that they are priced at for PL fixtures. Furthermore, all junior FA Cup tickets are priced at £5 rather than £9.

The same goes for the Carabao Cup, in which full-price tickets range from £35 to £9, and junior tickets again only cost a fiver. This make domestic cup matches generally the most accessible for Reds fans, as they are less likely to sell out immediately, and are often priced at a more affordable rate.