Happy New Year!! Okay it looks like Dick van Dyke is joining us, sorry, stupid Mary Poppins in my head after watching it over Christmas. I do love that film though. Anyway, yes it looks like Southampton’s Virgil van Dyke is due to finally join us this month after all the goings on last summer. Brilliant. I can’t wait to have him on board. £75 million though, wow! People might say, in fact I know people will say that is way too much to pay for a defender. It probably is currently but when you consider Manchester United paid £30 million or so for Rio Ferdinand fifteen or so years ago does it seem that much?

To me is still is but I’ll let you this, if we pay that now and he goes on to play for us for say the next seven years and helps us win trophies. It will be money well spent, absolutely no doubt about. Every team needs to improve and buying players is essential. It’s getting the right ones that counts though so what has our scouting system been doing the last few years?

Clearly van Dyke hasn’t been scouted as every has known about him and have done for a while now. Andy Robertson is another one, but for me we’ve done well in getting him even though it did come as some what of a surprise at the time. It’s just a shame it’s taken so long to actually get him into the side. He was always going to come in and make mistakes, what young player doesn’t when they join a new team, even more so when it’s for us here at Liverpool. The sooner he makes those mistakes the sooner he will learn from them and become a better player.

I just hope we can hang on to Coutinho too but if Barcelona come knocking once more with silly amounts of money then we have to accept their offer. It’ll be a real shame, he’s been outstanding for us since he’s come back into the side as well as being professional about it.

Big month ahead then, with a couple of massive games and I’m going to put it out there and say we’ll beat both Everton in the FA Cup as well as Manchester City in the league. That’s right, you heard it here first and you can find all of my January predictions as well as my friends below:

Monday 1st January @ 15:00 Burnley 1 v Liverpool 2 in the Premier League
Berg Gudmundsson (87′ minutes)
HT 0-0
Mané (61′ minutes), Klavan (90’+4 minutes)

Our LFC Predictions before the game were:
Lee (Myself) 1–2 Liverpool
Scott D 0–2 Liverpool
Scott J 1–1 draw
Adam 0–1 Liverpool


Friday 5th January @ 19:55 Liverpool 2 v Everton 1 in the Emirate’s FA Cup 3rd Round
Milner (35′ minutes pen), van Dijk (84′ minutes)
HT 1-0
Sigurdsson (67′ minutes)

Our LFC Predictions before the game were:
Lee (Myself) 2–1 Liverpool
Scott D 2–0 Liverpool
Scott J 3–1 Liverpool
Adam 2–0 Liverpool


Sunday 14th January @ 16:00 Liverpool 4 v Manchester City 3 in the Premier League
Oxlade-Chamberlain (9′minutes), Firmino (59′minutes), Mané (61′minutes), Salah (68′minutes)
HT 1-1
Sané (40′minutes), Bernardo Silva (84′minutes), Gündogan (90’+1minutes)

Our LFC Predictions before the game were:
Lee (Myself) 3–1 Liverpool
Scott D 2–1 Liverpool
Scott J 2–2 draw
Adam 1–0 Liverpool


Monday 22nd January @ 20:00 Swansea City 1 v Liverpool 0 in the Premier League
Mawson (40′ minutes)
HT 1-0

Our LFC Predictions before the game were:
Lee (Myself) 0–2 Liverpool
Scott D 0–3 Liverpool
Scott J 1–4 Liverpool
Adam 0–3 Liverpool


Saturday 27th January @ 19:45 Liverpool 2 v West Brom 3 in the Emirate’s FA Cup 4th Round
Firmino (5′ minutes), Salah (78′ minutes)
HT 1-3
Rodriguez (7′ minutes, 11′ minutes), Matip (45’+2 minutes og)

Our LFC Predictions before the game were:
Lee (Myself) 3-1 Liverpool
Scott D 2–0 Liverpool
Scott J 4–1 Liverpool
Adam 3–1 Liverpool


Tuesday 30th January @ 20:00 Huddersfield Town 0 v Liverpool 3 in the Premier League
HT 0-2
Can (26′ minutes), Firmino (45’+1 minutes), Salah (78′ minutes pen)

Our LFC Predictions before the game are:
Lee (Myself) 1-2 Liverpool
Scott D 0–2 Liverpool
Scott J 1–1 draw
Adam 0–1 Liverpool