All I had all day yesterday in the build up to last night’s game from the main stream media was all about Fonte and the fact that he’s actually handed in a club transfer request. Angling for a move happens all the time but physically handing in a written transfer request, when you’re the club captain is a no no for me. I get some of you may not agree and you think he has every right, maybe he does but come on, there is another way to go about it? I think he’s been poorly advised by his agent probably, but I’m sure something will come out saying that it’s his own decision.

Anyway, as it turns out it was a better story-line than our performance last night. And after 45 minutes we could well have been out of the competition altogether. Yes, just before half-time, Karius who back in the team, made an absolutely crucial save. He made it look better than it actually was, but still, he kept it out as he was positioned correctly, otherwise we’d have been 2-o down. Or even 3-0 if he’d also not stopped Redmond’s other earlier strike with a brilliant save with his left foot.

Good to have Coutinho back in the team

There wasn’t much he could have really done with Redmond’s actual goal, he tried to get out quickly, but he was nowhere near it after some poor defending from us at the back. It was a good, quick build up play and finish from Southampton to be fair, but we certainly made it easy for them.

The game definitely opened up in the first 20 minutes of second half, with a lot of space for both teams and there were quite a few breaks. The final ball was poor though from us as well as them was letting each team down. The best chance of the lot though, fell to them again with a swift break. Thankfully a poor decision and shot from Cedric went wide, that should have been 2-0 really for sure.

“If we play like tonight, we should save money on the petrol”

Sturridge on the night was very poor for us overall, he might have been better and actually took a chance if it had come his way, but he literally had no service. A very poor performance from us and we’re going through a little sticky patch at the moment but we can learn from this for sure. We have to, as we can’t be having those Manc lot being in with a chance of winning a trophy without us being there to try to stop them and win it for ourselves. First though we need to get our heads back on and be ready for this Sunday.

On a positive note it was good to have Coutinho back and getting a half hour out of him, after only a few training sessions as well. Not sure yet if he’ll start this weekend, but it’s definitely just a boost to have him back in the squad.

Klopp summed the performance up at the end though when he said ahead of our next match against United this Sunday ‘If we play like tonight, we should save money on the petrol’.