This decision by our eccentric manager has drawn a lot of criticism as critics are believing that he was actually celebrating a point against West Brom

A lot of fancy adjectives can be used to describe Liverpool Football Club, but two-faced has to be the one that does us the most justice. Under our new manager Jurgen Klopp, we’ve been like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Sometimes, we’ve been so good that we’ve ripped apart Chelsea and City and Southampton in their own backyards. But at other times, we’ve made tough work of Newcastle, Stoke and Crystal Palace. A lot of theories have made an effort to try and explain exactly why the Reds performances this season have been so fickle, but what I feel is that we have only our squad to blame for this.

I personally believe that our squad is in need of a mini overhaul to say the least. Our talented new manager has brought about a lot of positive change in his short time here, but to truly feel the effects of his work, we need a better set of players. Brendan Rodgers may have gone, but the results of his botched transfer campaign still remain at our club. 25 million pound superstar Adam Lallana is the first lad who should be shown the door in my opinion. He’s not done anything to justify his price tag and I can only imagine what Klopp would have done with 25m quid to spend.

2E24B80B00000578-0-image-a-27_1446749962240Dejan Lovren at 20m pounds is another disaster, but the Croatian’s recent performances have really made me think twice.  I’m still not convinced about having him at our club, but then again, I can’t say that I want him out like I would’ve said two months ago. Mahmadou Sakho is another guy who I’m really undecided about. The Frenchman gets the job done but let’s face it, he’s not the most reassuring defender we’ve seen. I’m surprised as to how a player who looks so volatile with the ball at his feet could be such big a name in the world of football. Jose Enrique is another defender whose tenure at our club is all but over and if that is the case, then he needs to be sold immediately.

Joe Allen, the apple of the eye of our former coach, doesn’t make too much of a contribution to the Reds cause and he’s another 15m pounds that we could have spent better. Other than these lads though, I’m either extremely satisfied or willing to give a chance to the other players that we have on our team. Quite a few of the players here have a lot to prove. Roberto Firmino, Christian Benteke, Divock Origi, Danny Ings and even Daniel Sturridge need to show their doubters that they are Liverpool material.

If however, we could adequately replace our departing players with some true, world class talent, our team would progress quite a lot. I do understand that signing big name players do not guarantee success, but having internationally recognize names at our club would be highly beneficial in the long term even if they do not immediately help us improve.