kloppcartoonWe here at The LFC Blog recently spoke to artist and Liverpool fan David Vandepeer about his new football cartoon website and of course Liverpool FC. David has been drawing since 1996 and his cartoons have been sold around the world as well as being published in magazines and newspapers. He has hundreds of cartoons and he also does drawings of your loved ones too.

What made you finally set-up your football cartoons website?

I’ve been trying to set this site up for years. It’s taken a lot of hard work and dedication to draw all the players and to make them look life like. I wanted to create something for the fans to collect their favourite stars of today and yesterday.

How’s it going so far, getting good feedback?

It’s going better than expected, you always have that feeling inside, is this what the fans want? It took a little while to get my first sale but since then word has got out and I even get messages from the players asking for their own cartoon.

Did you draw as a young lad, say at school or was it something you just realised you could do twenty years ago?

My first pic at school was Sir Francis Drake, I was told that it looked like him and that I was good at drawing from my teacher Miss Lane. I went on to win competitions at school and was on the front of the school report, I also had a small gallery at local community centre. It wasn’t until I was in my 20’s that I re-discovered my art and from there learnt how to colour. I then started drawing famous people and football stars including of course, as many Liverpool players as possible.

Has it always been caricatures or do your draw other stuff?

I do all sorts of art and my favourite type is fantasy space pictures. I haven’t done one for years but the last one I did was on a huge canvas and sold for £400.00.

Any requests off any famous people or can’t you say?

The most famous person I did was Bernie Sanders in his run up to try and become the President of America. The most famous footballer so far was Ben Woodburn and this was the other week before he made the first team. I am drawing most of the reserve Liverpool team for the players though.

Let’s talk Liverpool, when was your first game at Anfield?

My first game was against Tottenham when Ardiles and Villa joined, my dad took me there for a birthday present and said let’s hope they give you some goals today. They did, it was 7-0 and the atmosphere was amazing, so load in fact that I had a headache on the way home from all the noise.

Your greatest day as a Liverpool fan?

It’s got to be the 2005 Champions League Final. I’m probably only one of a few that thought we played well in the first half and thought that Milan looked tired and if we scored they would struggle.

King Kenny

Your favourite Liverpool player of all time and why?

Got to be King Kenny as he was my reason to support them when he scored in European Cup Final.

Have you ever met or had any encounters with any Liverpool legends?

I used to collect autographs and used to hang around the player’s entrance so I got Kenny’s a few times.

And finally, your thoughts on Klopp and your hopes for this season now after the good start?

Since Klopp came in the attitude of the players has changed, I believe they would run through a wall for him, just like how the attitude used to be. We are gonna have some good times with him and the fans adore him.


Thank you very much to David for taking the time to speak to us, I think we’ll be getting an order of some of those Liverpool players. If you’d like to contact David he can be found on twitter @Cartoonsbydave or @Liverpooltoonz as well as via his actual website: www.footballcartoon.co.uk