The Kop is our world-famous stand at our world-famous ground Anfield and they can’t be separated. Other fans may argue, but The Kop has so much history that there is no other ground like it for those who have played there in front of it. It’s awe-inspiring and it will either frighten you to death or will bring you alive! The roar of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” still gets me going every time and the likes of Gerrard, Owen, Dalglish, Keegan, Rush and St. John certainly allowed it to bring the best out of them.


The Kop though is set for a small summer makeover with us looking to add a further 470 seats to it which will take our capacity to just over 54,500. We’ve seen many changes over the years to this great ground and I’m so happy we’re still here rather than relocating. The new wider players tunnel compared to the tight, small one is better before you get the chance to tap the famous “THIS IS ANFIELD” sign before going up a few steps to the roar. How many players and managers have tapped and touched that sign that Bill Shankly had installed all those years ago?

The new main stand though is so impressive these days, formerly Lake Street it opened in September last year and certainly brought our ground into the 21st century. I’ve not been up there yet myself but many friends have and they say there is a fantastic view looking down onto the pitch and across Liverpool. The best thing they say though, is that it doesn’t feel like you’re in a new stand it just feels like you’re in Anfield. Which is a brilliant way to look at it.

Our new main stand opened in September last year

I still remember Roy Evans being our manager on the last day of the old standing Kop too, losing to Norwich certainly wasn’t in the plans but it didn’t affect my memories before it was completely knocked down in 1994. Of course, who can forget all the issues with the Kemlyn Road during the 1970s and 1980s, how many times was that project put on hold? Finally in 1990 them two sisters Joan and Nora Mason, finally reached an agreement with the club after the refused to sell their house for so long. Thankfully the did and the stand was aptly named the The Centenary Stand when it was officially opened on 1 September 1992.

For all its changes over the years I still get the buzz at a game when I see those Shankly Gates and on hearing George Sephton “The voice of Anfield” doing his stuff after all these years. Managers of course have come and gone and will continue to do so, but that is where Klopp must now fit it and become part of Anfield history for years to come.

He’s well and truly bedded himself in but of course we need to win trophies, but with his great experiences in the Champions League with Borussia Dortmund, his aim has to be to take England’s most succesful team in europe back to where they belong once again. Bring those huge nights in front of the 54,500 inside the stadium back to Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Klopp knows this too when he said:

“is and was always, a project with a real target, be quick as possible, as successful as possible and we’re still on this way”

Klopp and The Kop coming together as one

As for the Premier League, Klopp’s record against the main teams going for the league title is pretty good, in fact it’s better than good. It’s what he should be like, beating, drawing but most importantly remaining unbeaten against the big names. We obviously need to improve against the lesser teams, especially at home. Our fans do demand short-term success but they know under him we’re heading in the right direction long-term too. Klopp and The Kop coming together as one. For many years to come. I hope.